College Students and Writing

It’s been a while! As the new semester approaches for many of us in the college world, I thought I’d write some on a topic very dear to me at the moment.

Being a college student that is passionate about writing, I know how difficult it is to find time for what I love to do. It’s difficult enough to find time in the day for posting on Yahoo Groups for my RP characters, let alone write for any of my personal stories. This is especially true once you get into lab reports and papers for english classes. When I first started in college, those took up more time than anything else. By the time those were done, I was too tired and mentally exhausted to work on anything of my own.

I wish I could say that I’ve been leading up to a beautiful solution to it all. But the honest truth is that there is no one way to manage school and writing, particularly if you have a job on top of it. The purpose of this particular post is just to say that there is someone out there who understands. That and the important thing is to just keep trying. It doesn’t matter if you only get a sentence or two, being able to say that you’ve written something every single day is the most important part.

To that end, I wanted to announce a series of videos that I plan to post this coming semester. Each week, I will add a short video on experiences relating to being a writer and a college student. Sure, I have no real fool-proof solution to managing the two, but I hope that my own experiences can help others to figure out their own methods to stay on top of school and still manage to find time for their own stories.

Details to come!

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